Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Color always been a part of our L.I.F.E. Colors are frequencies that have been scientifically demonstrated your mood  and emotion. Meanwhile, some color inspire passion and energy too. It seem like color may decorate your life whether happy, sad, angry, worried and so on. So, Color can actually expose who we are!!!  

Red is the color that advertisers where tell you commands the greatest attention. Normally red shows empowerment, passion & vitality. No matter which emotion is evoked, red has been shown to activate an adrenaline response which causes us to pay attention and take notice. The person who like red are probably with a real *zest and passion in their life. Red is definitely a color that moves you into action!!!

Yellow is a cheerful sunny color that almost always evokes a positive response in the viewer. Cheerful and easygoing, yellow  gets you motivated. Yellow helps alleviate depression and stimulates creative energy. If you like yellow , you're likely to be warm, optimistic and creative.

Green is said to be a color of balance and harmony that induces relaxation. It helps to energize the heart, makes one feel connected with nature, and somewhat social as well. If you're not too fond of green you may not like the social scene, and you may tend to want to be more withdrawn.

Blue is a peaceful color symbolizing the heavenly skies, and the bottomless depths of the ocean. Blue is calming and uplifting and speaks of truth. It has been shown to help one lower blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. Blue is believed in many cultures to ward off evil spirits, and was considered the color of the gods in others. It is calming, balancing, and comforting.

Purple signifies deep passion, royalty, spirit, and perhaps because it has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, purple is the color of the mystic. People who like purple are often individuals who are creative and generous.

Brown is the color of the earth where shows stable and well-rooted. Brown makes one feel strong, firm, and secure. People who like browns tend to want security rather than change, or perhaps prefer to go with the flow a bit, rather thank seeking change out in an assertive manner.

Black has been given many negative connotations but it is actually the color of death, mystery, and the womb. It signifies the great unknown, and therefore can be appealing or very frightening to some. If you like black, you may want an air of mystery around you

White has been used to symbolize purity and the divine. It is clean, crisp and inviting to some, too cold for others. When many shades of white are mixed,you have an inviting and cozy atmosphere. If you like white, you may pay attention to cleanliness and detail and prefer simplicity.

 Which one your favorite COLOR that indicate you personal life??
You also can classified your friend's character too!!!  



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