Saturday, March 19, 2011

:: Great Leaders are not born, they are made::

Hello and assalamualaikum :)

Where ever we go, there must be a leader in a group and now there is no place on earth that in a institutional or even in a small group there is no leader.However, what is the definition of a leader?  According to the Oxford dictionary, leader can be define as a person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a country, an organization, etc. What most importantly, there must be ONLY ONE leader in a group.

"Great Leader are not born, but they are made", that is a quote that we have heard before. Why do leaders are not born but they are made?? The answer is simple, that is because no one on earth are born to be perfect, genius (except Einstein etc) and not to forget leaders. However, the quality that lies within them need to be polished so that they can be like a star in the sky that sparks the light to others that need it.Below is the simple steps of becoming a good leader:
  1.  Maintain absolute integrity
  2.  Know your objective
  3.  Declare your expectations
  4.  Show a good commitment
  5.  Be a positive thinker
  6.  Take care of your people or customers
  7.  Put your duty first before yourself   
  8.  Be brave in front of others
  9.  Gain trust from other 

On the other hand, there are some that have no give or the quality of a leader but surprisingly they become a good leader in a group. How can this be happen? Simple, they been trained to be like one good leader or they been given a task that need them to lead. There is a English idioms stated that practices makes perfect. There are one good example that really happen in the US Air Force. His name is General Hoyt S. Vandenberg. He was not born to be a leader in fact he nearly get dismissed from from the Academy due to the lack of leadership ability at the end of his first year and he is been counseled. However, he look this as a lesson to be learn and not as an obstacles. At last he become the greatest military leader. This story really suit to this words, "The end justify the wins". 

In the nut shell, leader are born but the quality within them need to be polished and finally yet importantly practices make perfect.


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