Tuesday, March 22, 2011

::A Positive Thing that We Going to Do During the Mid-Semester Break is ::

~Assalamualaikum and hello~

As a student, mid-semester break is the thing that been awaited the most. Some of them are counting the day for the semester break to come and this show the excitement of them, also called as the nature of a true students (hehehe).Wise man used to said that, " If we fail to plan, we plan to fail", so in other words it means that before we undergo the semester break, careful planning must be done so that the semester break will not be in vain.

 We are not originally from here, we are from the other state and during this semester break is the time for us to shed the tears and laughter with our loved ones that is our beloved family that we have not seen them for a long time. This is the time for us to spend our quality time with them, shopping together, giving hands with one and another also not to forget to enjoy the delightful dishes together. Friends is one of the person that we loved the most and who been there thorough thin and thick. So, during this holiday, we plan to gather with them and spend time together. 

As a students, the task in completing the assignment, study, mini project etc are the responsibility that are compulsory for us to complete it. There is excuse for us to pending the task. There is a wisdom words stated that, "Do it now or never!".

There is lots of planning that been made by us. We hopefully that all of our planning with go smoothly without any obstacle. Last but not least, for all of our friends out there that are eager for this semester break, have a safe journey. Tq :D


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