Saturday, March 19, 2011

::Student Election is important::

WeLcOmE again

The voice of university students can be heard by whom?The feeling of unsatisfactory? Thus in a one university there must be a group of student that willing to voice it out and the fate of the university student or the student body will be depended on them.  This group of student usually called as " Jabatan Perwakilan Mahasiswa" or in English it is called as Student Council. Before the Student Council been formed, there will be a time for student election. During this time, the candidate that participate in this election will have to compete with one and another in gaining the trust from the majority of the of the student body.

Why does the student election is very crucial for university students??Simple, this will determine the fate of the students itself. Like the wise man used to said that, "Choices are the hinges of destiny,"   Edwin Markham and Pythagoras. This student election will determine the group of Student Council. Some of the students may think that the election is a trivial matter that need not to be considered, and thus the vote of the student body will be lesser. This should not be happen because every students have their right in voting the candidate and they should use their right wisely.

Finally yet importantly, the student election is important in determining the student body fate and this is very important for the voice of the students that need to be heard. Thank you :D.



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