Thursday, March 24, 2011

::Banned Books::

Assalamualaikum and Good day :D

Books inspire people and book is the gate of knowledge. According to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary online search, book can be defined as a set of printed pages that are fastened inside a cover so that you can turn them and read them. There some write their experienced in life, their hardships and their journey to success where we can learn from it. However, there are banned books  because of some criteria that may offended the public.

What criteria that lead some of the books been banned??That is racism, moral, religion and others that is a sensitive issue. The writers seem to be so open about the topics and rather not sensitive if the children or even teenagers that read it. Harry Potter is a famous novel in fact their movie are one of the box office movie. However, this books been banned at the some part of the US and UK because it is feared that it promotes witchcraft. It is true that witchcraft is a suspicious ritual that may not been practiced by the people in this modern era. For some people, they may get affected with the movie or that books and tried to learn the witchcraft especially the children. 

Other than that, there are some book portray the racism among the society that may affect the people judgment which may lead to prejudice. The writer may have a good intention but the way of writing it have offended some of the people. The writer want to illustrates what have happen in the real world by translating it into a novel by hoping it can be a lesson to learn. Unfortunately, the writer overlook about the sensitivity of the public. Thus the book been banned in some part of the country and also in the libraries or even school.

Other than the racism, there are writers that discussing about the religion which causes riot and have ordered that writer should been killed. Religion is a very sensitive issue that supposed to be not discussing it in front of the public with the intention of blaming or insulting one and another religion. 

There are books which the writer write about the wrong moral of a old man that having a scandal with the young child. This should been censored because it is irrelevant that the writer discussing the wrong issue to the public which may lead to the wrong judgment for a child and even to the adult one. 

Finally yet importantly, the book writer should have been more alert to the sensitive issue because it may lead to a wrong jugment for some people. This is not good because book is the source of the knowledge and book is a friend of a wise person. Do not misuse the book purposes. Thank you :).


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