Thursday, February 17, 2011

::Birth order traits::

Assalamualaikum and Hello there!!!!!!

Is birth order traits really affect our character?There are psychologist claims that it does affect out character. From my point of view, our character have nothing to do with the birth traits but have interconnection on how our parents brought us up. There are some parents that gave responsible,love and everything equivalent to their children. This means that, every one have responsible that need to be taken care off and it is up to them how to handled it. For me, I have seen the eldest have no sense in responsibility and the youngest have to take care them off. It is up to that person itself how to build their character and personality. In order to build a good character, you have to have a good sense of responsible. This is very crucial because without responsible, people that surrounds you have no trust in you. 

The eldest often treated indulgently by their parents. Usually everything that they always wanted, they often get it ( when their sibling haven't born yet)..hehehe....Good leadership??There is no doubt about it. When they have good sense of leadership, they usually have high self esteem. This is because, they often give advice to their sibling. 

The second, the one have born in between the eldest and the youngest) was said to be an over achiever, creative, artistically inclined, often felt neglected, lack of direction. Totally not agree with that statement. There are a friend of mine, that is the second child did not have this kind of character. She is not artistic and yet not creative at all. The negligence from family or parents don't think so. Not all parents will neglect they second child.

The youngest usually been interrelated with the sign of everything is easy to get. This is no doubt about it. They often been pampered with wealthiness. They are usually easy to get away because, they have to face their older sibling of they causes any trouble, 

Finally yet importantly, on how they character will be is actually is up to them. The individual itself have the power to build them self not the birth order traits. Thank you :)


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