Saturday, February 5, 2011

::KP student should or shouldn't give incentives???::

Assalamualaikum and Hello there!!!

KP or also known as 'kedudukan percubaan' is the position that most of the student fear most. When it comes to KP1, it is still alright but when it comes to KP2 then that is where all the unsecured feeling arise. Well, gives incentives to the KP2 student is not a good idea. There are several factors that support this statement that is it will demotivate the KP1 student, not giving a lesson to learn but gives reward and lastly encourage student more to get KP2.

KP usually refer to the students. When they get KP1, they at first will have low self esteem and have no confidence in their studies. Then when they think of their financial aid like MARA or PTPTN, they will strive hard to score their goal. However, if KP2 students get incentives, how about KP1 students???they will demotivated to strive hard and take their studies for granted. The reason why is that they will believes that financial aid is not important issue to be taken care off.

Incentives should be given when it comes in rewarding to someone or else. In this case, when student get KP2 it shouldn't be rewarded but student should be coached till they succeed. The terms incentives itself are not appropriate. Basically, by giving a lesson to learn like giving them extra class as compulsory is better than giving them incentives. This is because sometimes they do not know how to manage their money and they spend money on something that are not relevant.

Giving incentives will only encourage more and more student gets KP2. It is really hard to get dean list but getting KP2 is not that hard. Simple, do not do revision. assignment and most importantly do not attend class, test and final exam. However, both dean list and KP2 students get incentives. For sure most of the student would rather choose KP2 because it is really simple to get.

Finally yet importantly, by giving incentives is not a solution to this problems. We have to be cruel to be kind. Thank you :D


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