Thursday, January 27, 2011

::B.E.S.T F.R.I.E.N.D......::

Assalamualaikum and Hello there!!!

In this world, everyone need friends who can share tear, laugh, happiness and joy. There is a proverb said that "sharing is caring". Not all friend can be trusted because there is real friend, best friend, 'dog eats dog', seasonal friends and lots more. We are going to share our stories about the  best friend that we had, whom we shared our laugh, tears, happiness, hobby, secrets and more. The one that we talked about is NURHAFIZAH BT HAMDAN (hehehe). We know her since we are in the diploma level (4 years approximately).

We used to call her fiza, her attractive personality that make us closed together is the funny character that she had, also she is a positive thinker and not to forget she is matured in the decision that she make. We used to had fun and sadness together, also not to forget we shared secrets too you know ( private and confidential ;) ) . We had no doubt in her opinion because she is sincere in her words.

Right now, she is not pursuing studies yet but she always gives us wisdom words that support us from our back. This is really suits to the quotes, " Friends are the sunshine of life", John Hay. We never had this type of friend and we really treasure our friendship we had.

We hope that  the tie will be last forever like the sun that shine the universe without fail. Last but not least, later when we had our own personal life we hoped that the chemistry we had will never fade but become more stronger.

As time goes by,
As wind flows by,
It's time for we to say,
Gudbye (for now),



r3dh_on3 said...

"Friends are the sunshine of life"
yeah that's true. without them, we live in darkness and alone.
I hope your friendship last forever. amin :)

the rainbow said...

so sweet the three of you :)

Anonymous said...


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