Sunday, January 16, 2011

::My Educational Aspiration for 2011::

Everyone in this world have their own aspiration in every aspect of life. Well, actually aspiration can be define as a strong desire to achieve something high or great. For today topic is educational aspiration for 2011, that is this year.  Everyone want to start fresh for the new beginning of the 2011, so do we. We have a very great desire to get good results in every subject in this year, no matter January semester or July semester. We have strong faith that we are going to work really hard in order to achieve our goals that is going to get a very good result for this semester especially Technical Communication ( WEB 10102), we want to get an A. Hesitation is a feeling that need to be swipe away when it comes in chasing the dreams and the aspiration that been set. Giving up is just need to be put aside and replace it with work hard in order to score our goals. Thank you. 


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